ASK A PUNK is an online calendar for Montreal DIY, punk, shows and other related events. There is no tracking of users, no ads, no bullshit.

You can submit events anonymously. Anonymously submitted shows must be approved before they are listed, and you won't be able to edit/update them later.

If you regularly put on shows, request an account so you can easily create and update your own shows.

If you want to request an account, or have any questions contact us by email at or find us on Mastodon at

Also consider listing the link to on your flyers. Let's kill Facebook events and Instagram flyers.

You can subscribe and share events listed here a variety of ways, using the SHARE button at the top. You can also follow the calendar directly from the Fediverse (ie Mastodon) using the FOLLOW ME link at the bottom (or just follow from Mastodon or your Fediverse app of choice).