Audjoins + Skintone + Dirty Milk + Honey
Audjoins + Skintone + Dirty Milk + Honey

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Audjoins is ambient drone about hope and doubt, light and dark, the dawn and the dusk. Made up of shimmer, thunder and squall

skin tone
skin tone is a solo performance practice; is saxophone, voice, mbira and electronics; is an exploration of possible futures; is a recapitulation of hi-stories erased; is an echo of free jazz both spiritual and harsh; is black.
Tonight skin tone presents ‘the strange death of Warren Haley…’

Dirty Milk
Dirty Milk is an avant-garde post-punk band from Montreal. Initially a raucous punk duo comprised of long-time friends Lukas Beneteau-Forgues (guitar) and Bryan Thomas (drums), the band began to explore noise and free improvisation with the addition of Josh Linnen (bass). The trio independently released their frenetic debut EP, Squirm, in September 2023, and have since rounded out their lineup with second guitarist Nick Bland.

Honey is: solo (mostly) noise/drone/etc. (mostly) by: Timothy Aaron Bryan (Death As It Shook You, Held, Mulch)

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