Finace ton Tapage!
Finace ton Tapage!

Fundraising party!

Over the past year, we've worked to develop a programming space for events that do not fit in traditional venues. We need your help to keep it going and to support its evolution!

We want to finance the equipment to make more noise as well as the heating which has recently been installed.

Come support us, discover the space, participate in its deployment and or find out how it works to book a show.

In the program:

Friday 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Cabaret formula:

8h30 --- Vanessa (Clown workshop)
9h00 --- Colin and Vanessa (MC)
9h00 --- Jude and Michelle (Recognition of the territory)
9h15 --- Zach Poitras (Humour)
9h50 --- Dot Dot Dot(drag)|
9h57 --- Tania (Ethnocultural Popularizer)
10h10 --- Korra Anarchkey (drag)
10h15 --- Gazoline (Draglesque)
10h30 --- Entracte|
--- Dame de feu (Fire)
11h10 --- Lolipop (Hair hanging)
11h25 --- Sober is sexy (Sturdy Rock)
12h30 --- Tourn-Disque
Flash tattoo by Sarai
Punch Tarot by Catherine

Saturday 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Punk and rave show formula:

21h00 --- We Were Mermaids (HxC first show!)
21h45 --- Armoire(emo)
22h30 --- Scream for Morphine (extreme jazz)
23h15 --- Macorcilx(stoner)
1h00 --- Maline Live set (Acid Tekno Tribe)
2h00 --- Sinuo (Electro acid)
3h00 --- Aiox B2B Pleurire
5h00 --- CD.R1K (Acid Hard techno)
6h00 --- Tomson Fauster

Bar on site
$25 per day/$40 for both

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