Genital Shame 🌑 Stander 🌑 Leash Aggression 🌑 pOKmon
Genital Shame 🌑 Stander 🌑 Leash Aggression 🌑 pOKmon



Genital Shame (Pittsburgh) is a queering of the sonic traditions and musical form of black metal - perhaps an antagonism of the genre's rules. It is, in Dawson's words, "an interrogation of how far you can get towards breaking those rules without it being something else." And, as one might expect, the result is something which is both black metal and perhaps not at all. Genital Shame veers from heavily distorted tremolo picked guitar and distant propulsive drums to gentle, bedroom pop ambience, before careening back again.

Stander’s new album Vulnerable is out now on The Garrote (co-run by photographer Josh Ford and Brian Barr of Aseethe). Vulnerable is an unflinching reflection on emotional volatility and fragility, from existential dread to stagnance, incalculable grief to unbridled bliss. Recorded at Machines With Magnets with Seth Manchester (The Body, Liturgy, Lingua Ignota), the Chicago trio unravel the fabric of heavy music conventions and stitch their own distinctive jagged pieces into a mirage of atmosphere.

Freak Metalpunk from tiohtia:ke, because without the lifestyle-it’s just music~~

~~~the pretty ok monsters AKA POKMON (James Goddard, Ky Brooks and Robyn Grieve and some additional SPECIAL GUESTS) will close out the night with a noise set~~~

will run on time

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