Ky + Jessica Moss, Jessica Ackerley, Eliza Kavtion, Jean Néant + Rob Grieve + skin tone
Ky + Jessica Moss, Jessica Ackerley, Eliza Kavtion, Jean Néant + Rob Grieve + skin tone

Jessica Moss:

Jessica Moss is a Montréal-based violinist and composer who began writing and performing solo work under her own name in 2014; she has since made four full-length albums. Moss uses amplified and processed violin (and voice) to create works of expressive electronic- and drone-inflected post-classical Minimalism and Maximalism, with a distinctive melodic sensibility that often channels Klezmer, Balkan and Middle Eastern tropes, and an ear for textural grit and timbral noise forged from her 15-year tenure in agitprop postpunk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion (2001-2016).

Moss self-released her debut solo album Under Plastic Island, recorded with Guy Picciotto, in fall 2015. Two acclaimed albums on the Constellation imprint followed: Pools Of Light (2017) and Entanglement (2018); her third, Phosphenes, was released in November 2021—all three co-produced with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart, Matana Roberts, Suuns). A Closer Listen has described Moss as “an artist whose solo work has surpassed her collaborative work, she becomes her instrument and channels its harmonic power”; Loud And Quiet has called her solo music “inventive, powerful, deeply engaging, carrying real weight.”

Moss has performed extensively throughout North America and Europe, including appearances at Big Ears, WSO New Music, Le Guess Who?, ATP, Supersonic and Basilic Hudson 24-HOUR DRONE.


Ky is the new project of Ky Brooks, best known as the vocalist of the noise-punk trio Lungbutter. Here, along with weirdo music mainstays James Goddard (Skin Tone, Egyptian Cotton Arkestra), Mathieu Ball (Big | Brave), Robert Grieve (Blastronaut) and Farley Miller (FeeFawFum, Shining Wizard), they present Power Is The Pharmacy, an album of cerebral and visceral outsider artpunk. This emotionally electrifying collection of songs delivers an acute blend of incisive socio-political observation and spiritual sadness, swirling through disenchantment and re-enchantment.

Eliza Kavtion:

Eliza Kavtion is The performance vehicle of Tiohtiake based Kanien'kehaka recording artist Eliza Kaheroton Santos.

Jessica Ackerley:

During the past decade, Jessica Ackerley has established themselves on the Canadian and American music scenes as a unique and versatile guitarist, composer and improvisor. Born in Alberta, Canada, Jessica now resides in Honolulu after almost decade of being located in New York City. They have worked alongside notable musicians such as Tyshawn Sorey, Daniel Carter, Marc Edwards, Luke Stewart, Patrick Shiroishi, and Jason Nazary, to name a few.

Since 2017, Ackerley released thirteen albums as a bandleader and collaborator to much acclaim, making critics’ year- end lists on Jazz Right Now, Avant Music News, Free Jazz Blog and Jazz Times Magazine. Their music has also been featured and reviewed in Wire Magazine, BBC Radio, Whole Note, Musicworks Magazine, New York City Jazz Record, and Bandcamp’s monthly “Best of” lists. In 2019, they founded The Brink Guitar Festival, a four-day event featuring some of the most innovative players on the instrument such as Miles Okazaki, Elliott Sharp, Wendy Eisenberg, and Dan Lippel, among others.

Jean Néant:

Joni Void is the artistic persona of Montréal-based French-British producer Jean Néant (he/them), whose output and various projects showcase their interest in experimentation, improvisation, collaboration and multi-genre explorations. Self-described as ‘cinéma-tek/cameratronica’ music, the montage-based production of Joni Void incorporates elements of electronic and sample-based beats, rap & hip-hop, psychedelia, musique concrete, plunderphonics, ambient, drone, glitch, minimalism & electro-acoustic/improvised music. By way of their platform Everyday Ago, Joni Void have extended their sound practice into other collaborative and live-based projects, including releases and performances with artists N NAO, Sarah Pagé (as Page Vide), and Maya Kuroki, to name but a few.

skin tone:

skin tone is the (mostly) solo performance project of Ndebele-Canadian artist James Nicholas Dumile Goddard. skin tone incorporates saxophone, voice, mbira and electronics; it explores issues related to blackness, the canon, and the future. Goddard also performs in a variety of experimental ensembles including notably Egyptian Cotton Arkestra & NYON.

Rob Grieve:

Prairie born and raised, Rob Grieve spent over a decade in Toronto before settling in Montreal. They are a multidisciplinary professional session musician with experience playing in a wide array of musical contexts around the globe. In their original work, they are interested in reifying the limit points of maximalism and minimalism as its own homogenous sonic milieu. In other words, they like to play a lot of notes very loudly.

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